We are proud to reveal our new logo, and are pleased with the final result.

Janneke: “We always had the intention of changing the AltarEgo logo. At the time (2018), we liked what we had in such short time because we wanted to let the world know about our name change. However, this time, with 2 new members, it only made sense to create both a new logo as well as a new band photo. I think that the logo we have now truly represents AltarEgo in its purest form.”

Apart from a new logo, we also recently announced two new members. Maik Snippe and David Veldhuis will be taking over from Erwin ‘Bakvet’ Koerts and Bas Karman. The guys are excited to play in this death metal formation, as David stated:

“We are honored to play with these death metal veterans”

We will be headlining the Strenice Winter Massacre festival in the Czech Republic on December 28, 2019. More show dates for 2020 will be announced soon.